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Welcome To Leader EXchange

Your Global Traffic Connection


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Advertise up to 5 websites, banners, and text ads.

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Leader EXchange accepts Paypal for members who wish to upgrade or purchase credits (website views).

Our preferred Payment Processor is Paypal and Paypal accepts most major credit cards as well.


Because of Email Problems Around the Globe

Please Use a Gmail Account For Sign up.

This Assures You Will Receive

Your Confirmation Email.

Get Your Gmail Here

For All New Active Members.

You Must Surf 25 Sites

To Activate Your Account.

New Rules and Policies

Because of abuse We will no longer accept any more than 3 of any ONE site from any one member.

No sites with exit popups
-Check your clickbank sites and rotators carefully before submitting.If you submit these they will be deleted and your credits assigned lost.

Go through your submitted sites and clean them up to adhere to these rules. If they are reported or found to be in violation of these new policies they will be deleted and your credits lost.

Remember it is always good practice to check your links and banners before submitting them.

In all fairness we want to keep Leader EXchange a quality traffic exchange for all our members, Not a clearing house for every PTC, Matrix, MLM, and gifting opportunity trashing the internet.

We encourage all our members to report any sites they find that DO NOT meet these requirements.

Due to incidents of cheating and Surf Farms, if suspected of this, your account will be deleted, no questions asked.